vision design
Welcome to Vision Design

We are a small graphics company based in the pretty Somerset Village of Pensford with well over twenty years of experience.

Whilst graphic design is our core business, we have specialised in working for art departments in the television and film industry, though we have never forgotten our commercial clients. Stills photography has been a service we have offered for many years, with portraiture being our favoured genre. Some years ago web design became an essential product for a design studio and we have produced many quality websites over the years.

Recently we have added video production to our portfolio of services and can offer high definition videography as well as voice over work in house. We have a full edit suite as well as sound recording equipment and lighting, enabling us to offer a complete package from script writing through to master production and web publishing.

Here is a simple video, which we have embedded using YouTube because Apple Corporation have banned Flash from the iPhone and iPad we, for the present, are not using the superbly versatile Flash video player. We really hope that Apple relent on this veto of a truly fabulous product, but only time will tell, in the mean time we have to work around it for maximum accessibility of web site traffic.