vision design
Photography Title

Vision Design was one of the earlier companies to go digital. One night Ralph did a shoot for a drama based with a famous woman boxer in a gym. We only had one chance to get it right as they were dressing the gym the following day with A1 and A0 posters we had to create from the images we shot! The stress of dumping a dozen rolls of Fujicolour through the night box at the pro colour lab was too much. The processed images had to be scanned, put into a design and printed on a large format printer, which was pretty slow in those days, by the end of play! The printer developed a problem to add oil to the burning sea. The very next day we bought a digital set-up to minimise the stress. When you shoot digital you know straight away if the job's OK. We also find that art directors and often artists love to be able to see the image on the back of the camera during a shoot.

We have a good collection of portable studio equipment including 5 Bowens 500watt heads, 2 Arri 650 Juniors and a big 2000watt Blonde, as well as Nikon Speedlites and Metz hammer heads. We also have plenty of umbrellas, soft boxes, barn doors, radio slaves etc.

The majority of our photographic work is for art departments, often working on a live set. After so many years in the business we know how to behave on set without upsetting the sound crew or the DOP. In all our years we have never upset an artist and have worked with artists of all levels and in all moods and have never failed to get the shots required.

As we perform most of our work ‘on-site’, we don’t have our own permanent studio, but do have a great reciprocal arrangement with a local studio, which is very reasonably priced and pleasant to work in.

Below is a random selection of images showing our style.