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We started designing web sites some years ago, when it became clear to us, that those who chose to ignore this new media would be left on the beach. The great advantage to the client is the fact that a site can be easily changed and updated whenever required and once build has a very low cost to run. The opportunity to be able to show video and limitless product photographs is a real bonus to any business.

We can offer our clients a variety of types of website to suit all pockets. The majority of our sites are based on HTML technology with added Javascripts and Flash. We can also build custom CMS (Content Management System) sites, but we tend to steer clients away from this system unless really necessary, as it does tend to require a fair bit of client tuition, and we have found in most cases, that it is more cost effective for the end user to e-mail new content to us to add and invariably the sites look far more appealing. We can also offer our customers a number of solutions to sell products and services on-line at different levels from a basic HTML based system using a PayPal, though to a fully managed, database driven on-line shop with full stock control.

We like to include Flash animation and video wherever possible, though the future of Flash is hanging in the balance as far as the internet is concerned, with Apple Corporation refusing to allow the free Flash Player plug-in to run on the iPhone and iPad. As Flash is such a great web tool it is hoped that market forces will force Apple to allow this highly important media on their product, or that these otherwise fine products loose popularity; all their competetition have embraced flash on their products.

We are able to offer professional web hosting, e-mail and domain services at competitive rates.

Tri-Venture asked us to produce a corporate brochure style web site. They requested that the company details stay on screen at all times, so we made a fixed footer panel at the base with the contact details, which means that a contact page is not required and the end user can pic up the e-mail or phone number quickly without any searching.
F W Lighting Thumbnail F W LIghting has been a client for nearly twenty years. As they deal with exciting commercial and architectural lighting products, they need to have an modern, sylish web site, so we have included plenty of interactive Flash animation, which can also be viewed on iPhones and other applications with Flash missing from their browser.
Shaws Opticians We were originally asked to re-design the Shaws logo and produce some display panels. They were very taken with the new logo and then asked us to build a classy brochure site on a tight budget. The photography was supplied.
Tattoo Studio We have worked for The Tattoo Studio for many years, but recently they asked that we design them a nice web site as they are revamping their shop. When the shop is finished it is planned to shoot some video for the website. As with many sites, we authored the content, but the photography was supplied.
Screen Tech Thumbnail Whilst we built this site some years ago, it has some nice Flash animated parts and includes an animation demonstrating the repairing of windscreen repairs. We did a photoshoot for the site and some brochures using a local model. The client has reported that he has had much positive feedback about this site form his clientele.
Scott Dobson Tennis Thumbnail This site is written in HTML, but has an on-line booking form for his Holiday Programmes which is linked to another page that allows his clients to pay with PayPal which has proved very successful over a number of years. We provided all the photography for the site and it is planned to shoot some video as well.

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