vision design
TV & Film Graphics

We have been creating TV & Film graphics for over twenty years now and have worked on a long list of TV dramas, a few feature films, documentaries and a few advertisements.

Rebranding Products

We have 're-branded' a massive list of products over the years including beer cans and bottles as well as countless supermarket products. We have printed money in a number of wide and varied currencies, and made dozens of credit cards. Driving licences and passports have been created for a number of diffent countries as well as dozens of different styled utility bills and accompanying envelopes.

Newspapers & Magazines

Newspaper have been printed for all manner of genres including current day nationals and red tops, broadsheets, tabloids, local 'rags' as well as period publications. They have been created not only for television dramas and films, but also for documentaries.

Large Format Prints and PBUs etc

We often produce photographic blow-ups, which we can mount on foamex or ultra-light foam board. We can also print on vinyl and apply to pretty much any flat surface.


We can supply translites for sets and provide the photographic services for these. The photography for all the translites on the Casualty set has been provided by us on both the outside and inside sets and also the dividing baffle used when more than one unit are using the main set.

Stills Photography

We specialise in offering competent stills photography services to the film and television industry. We have a wealth of experience in shooting on live sets, capturing the images required without upsetting the filming. We also have portable studio gear and often turn a quiet corner of a set or prop store into a fully functioning photographic studio to get the perfect image of an artist without the hassle of transporting them to a static studio, nor the extra expense

Computer Animated Graphics

Often these days scripts require web sites and other computer operations to be performed in action, to help tell a story. We have been creating animated web sites and the like in Flash for a good number of years now. We supply art departments with totally self contained executable files which do not require the action PC to have any software installed to run them. When commissioning the animation we are told the screen resolution of the action PC and we ensure that the animation is tailored to run full screen. We can insert stop points etc wherever required and the timeline can be stopped easiily at any point.

Here are a few examples we have created in the past:

e-mail with video: This showed an e-mail coming in with a video attachment. The video is quite long, but used a flash player so that it could be easily controlled off the animation timeline on-set, for re-takes and they also wanted to use different parts for different scenes. There were a series of animations for different scenes.

Faux News 24: This was used for a BBC drama. This time the video was embedded on the animation timeline so there are no 'video' controls, but the timeline can be easily stopped and re-started with simple key board strokes (but not on the web - sorry) Not sure why but the supplied video had sound initially then it was cut; can't remember why now.

Big Bet - Blackjack: This was part of a series created, with different winnings.

Big Bet - Roulette: Again there were a series of roulette animations where doubtless the character lost everything by the end by the end of the episode!

Search Engine: Here the actor looks up a name on a search engine and finds a piece in an on-line newspaper.

Holby Intranet: We researched how NHS trust intranet sites were put together and how they function and then created a Holby version which we called @careXortal. We have created many animations on this theme with doctors and nursing staff looking up patient records etc. In this animation the doctor is trying to identify what pills a patient has taken, only to discover that it was the humble aspirin.

Social Networking Site: Here a character logs into her social networking site to collect a message from some one who probably turned out to be a baddie!

Wimbledon Background Plasma Screen: This animation was designed for an episode that was dated at the time of Wimbledon 2011 and was needed to set the time of the story. It was played on a continuous loop on a very large plasma screen on the wall fed from a laptop.

Faux YouTube: A couple of characters play a joke on a work mate, shoot it on a handy cam and post it on our version of YouTube.

Production Companies we have worked for

BBC Casualty
BBC Eastenders
Wild West
Public Enemy
Becoming Human
Dirk Gently
Intergalactic Patrick
Beau Brummell
Domestic Flight
The Giblet Boys
Holby City
The Coal House
Snowdonia 1890
The Baker
The Restaurant